Step-by-step Furniture Redesign - A Sideboard

Step 5 - Painting Your Piece

Be sure to choose quality paint for your piece. An alkyd paint like Benjamin Moore Advance or the Emerald series would be a good choice if you prefer NOT to apply a top coat. I used Pure & Original Classico, which is a top-quality water-based chalk type paint. Use your favorite or try out a few to find one you like. I never use combination products like paint/topcoat or stain/topcoat since I find them unreliable.

It usually takes two coats for good coverage. If painting a red, prime with a gray to save coats since red based colors usually don't cover in two coats. I don't typically use primer when I'm painting a dark color. Light colors, yes. Tannin bleed through is often a problem.

If you are concerned your paint will not adhere well, say on a surface that you find to be slick even after sanding, then STIX Bonding Primer is a good choice to use under your paint.


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