Step-by-step Furniture Redesign - A Sideboard

Step # 3 - Stain & Top Coat

You can use oil-based or water-based stain or dye on Retique It. Make sure it's dried according to the directions on the can. If you are using oil-based, you can tell it's dry when you can no longer smell it. Some are ready for another coat or top coat in an hour, others could be days. Water-based is usually a quick drying product.

  • If you plan to use water-based polycrylic as your top coat over oil-based stain, make sure the oil-based is completely dry.
  • Wait at least 72 hours for oil-based stain to dry before topcoating with water-based poly.
  • In humid environments, it could take A LOT longer for any oil based stain or top coat to dry sufficiently.
  • Water-based stain dries a lot quicker, so you can top coat within hours.
  • You can topcoat with oil-based polyurethane over water-based stain.
  • I usually wait overnight for any combination.


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