Exhaust Fan for a Spray Booth

Having a spray booth is a great convenience, but be sure to have your ducks in a row for safety as well. DH installed an exhaust fan in our garage to help move the overspray out. Below are his progress pics and the video shows you the fan in action. Locate the best spot, cut … Read more

Power Tools Overview: Drills – What to Buy & How to Use

Power Tools Drills – What to Buy & How to Use Isaac created a couple of videos explaining what to look for when buying drills and then gives a breakdown of the various parts of the drills and uses. He’s quite knowledgeable, does a lot of research and has a lot of info to share, … Read more

A New Graining Technique

Have you considered doing something different when it comes to texture? I like texture, so I experiment with different products like Retique It Liquid Wood, Saltwash, and textured paint like chalk paint or texture paint. Today I’m using Home Decor Texture Chalk I found on clearance for $5 at Michaels. Sometimes I have an idea … Read more

The Basics – Member Meet-up Project

At our July 2021 Meet-up, we focused on learning and honing skills. One of the projects was a set of matching end tables and I challenged them to use Retique It Liquid Wood and 2 – 3 different stains to make them match. This wasn’t an easy feat since we were using two shades of … Read more

Retique It Bendable Appliques

Bendable Appliques [ Retique It ] I like to find ways around things. When Michele Corwin, of Retique It, told me about bendable appliques that looked like wood, I was intrigued. She pointed me to a video that explained it, so I used the concept in my recent Retique It Challenge for you all. Here … Read more

Video Set Up Tips

Some have asked how I set up for my videos and what I use, so here is a run down:   When only recording with my IPhone (usually to video tutorials) I use an iphone holder on a tripod. Here are the two types I use. My iPhone is held by a smart phone mount … Read more

New Tips and Product Reviews

Tips, Tricks & Products * SAVING YOU TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT * Tip of the Day – Getting in the Nooks & Crannies Tip of the Day – Centering Your Stencil Pattern Hand Painting is Easy Tip of the Day – Closing Lids

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL From an estate sale came a dirty old mirror, with nothing special about it other than the potential I saw in it. It sat in my workshop for months waiting to be transformed until my daughter, Devin, saw it and could picture it in her house. Here vision was yellow. … Read more