Bendable Appliques

[ Retique It ]

I like to find ways around things. When Michele Corwin, of Retique It, told me about bendable appliques that looked like wood, I was intrigued. She pointed me to a video that explained it, so I used the concept in my recent Retique It Challenge for you all. Here is the video where I demonstrat the technique.

Compare with WoodUbend, which is kinda pricey. DIY is definitely how we roll, right? Besides, it's kinda fun to do.

I took it a little bit further and added Retique It to the bottle itself to give it an overall wood look. But of course, you could just make the applique and paint or do whatever to it.

Get creative and experiment.

You will need a high temp glue gun, moulds, Retique It, glue, stain & sealer.

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