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Some have asked how I set up for my videos and what I use, so here is a run down:


When only recording with my IPhone (usually to video tutorials)

I use an iphone holder on a tripod. Here are the two types I use.

My iPhone is held by a smart phone mount and is attached to either my big tripod or a little bendable table top tripod.

I just bought an ipad and iPhone holder that came with a remote ( The remote and ipad holder went to my grandson, so I don't know if the remote works, but the whole set was $9.99, it it was a very good deal.


The iPhone holder fits right on my tripod that is similar to this one that I found today on Amazon but isn't as heavy duty as mine. I paid $60. This one has the tripod, phone mount and remote - $22 ( I needed a heavy duty tripod for my iPad + teleprompter but you can get away with one not as expensive.

For table top videos out in my workshop, I've just started using this little handy tripod. It's bendable and can move and hook onto things to get it in the right position. It's light duty, so you have to anchor it if you are tipping it into position if you have a heavier phone. It comes with a phone holder that clips on and off. (

To edit iPhone videos

I first use Videoshop to increase the volume, add a title and trim the ends. It's a very handy app and easy to use.

If I need to crop or add more text, I take it over to iMovie with airdrop (Apple products). You MUST pull the raw video files over to your computer via USB or using a cloud based service or your video quality will suffer (don't use email).

Then to compress it for upload to FB, I use QuickTime Player.


When using my laptop to record for business tips (talking head videos)

I record using QuickTime Player on my MAC.


To edit

To add titles, I take it over to iMovie and then to trim and compress, I take it back to QuickTime Player.



If I need a mic, I use this one - $20 ( I don't always use it, but it comes in handy when I am doing a long video in my studio using my phone. The acoustics are bad in that room and the mic keeps my voice from being "tinny".



For proper height, I set my laptop on a box so I'm not looking down at it (minimizes double chin!). I look myself right in the eye when talking as if I'm talking right to myself.

For prep, I use more make up than usual and make sure the lighting is complementary. I try to remember to use lipstick, but usually forget!

For proper lighting, I use a ring light that also has a phone holder so I can record with both my phone and laptop at the same time during table top demonstrations - $18. (



I also have a three light overhead chandelier and and LED shop light from Menards that I can adjust to bounce off the wall and/or ceiling. LED is a good, pure white light - $80-$110 depending on the lumens.

Smart Electrician® 10000 Lumen LED Tripod Work Light


I just ordered this pop up background for when I need a quick backdrop away from my studio - $40  (

Fancierstudio Collapsible Backdrop Black White backdrop Collapsible background popup backdrop popup background



Here's a little video for you to show you how I have everything set up:

Feel free to ask questions and add your own tips and suggested products.

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