From time to time we'll run into the need to fix, modify or update an old window, whether it be on a house or a decorative antique for the wall. I'm re-doing one for my living room so I'll have a decorative background above my couch so I can stage coffee tables. The things we do to sell our wares...

I bought the window from a salvage company and took videos for you as we prepped it.

This first one shows how I removed the old putty that sealed the glass. Some of it was old and brittle and some was still pliable, so I'm guessing some areas had been repaired in the recent past.

The next is a little tip about clean up.

The third shows you how to insert the little glazing points into the frame to hold down the glass.

This one shows how to roll the glazing compound, apply, and trim it.

And then smooth it out.

Is it odd that I would give you the goods on repairing a window? Yeah. I never thought I'd ever consider doing such a thing. After all, it's an odd sort of thing to do, to know how to do, and it's even "odder" that we as furniture flippers would even think of doing it.

But the way I look at it...every single thing that we learn about repair can be tucked away for another day.

There are a lot of things I've learned to do while flipping that I never would have imagined doing.

So tuck this away.

You never know when you'll need it.


Click HERE to see the final project.

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