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Are you a planner? Do you write lists and cross things off as you accomplish each item?

Right click and save:

Useful Apps or Programs for Your Different Devices

I have Apple products, so you may need to find some of these types of things in your brand of products if you're not an Apple person.


MinimaList - To keep track of what needs to be done on your Apple device

Barcode or QR Reader - Use to check prices online when out shopping

WinStreak - Keep track of your wins every day to stay encouraged because it's easy to lose sight of your progress.

Voice Memos - Use to record ideas on the go

ColorSnap - By Sherwin Williams, “try on” any Sherwin-Williams color on your own walls, in real time.

Color Effects - Play with images by removing colors or changing them entirely.

Color Schemer - Color Picker, HTML Color Codes, Color Names, Color Chart, etc.

worqx & BHG - Find Complementary Colors, the color wheel, color theory, etc.

Palette Generator & Pictaculous - Having trouble deciding on colors? Try these.

Relax Melodies - Trouble sleeping or stressed out? Try these relaxing melodies day or night.

MileIQ or Mile Logger - Keep track of your mileage

Videoshop - Easy to use video editor

Animoto - Create videos for social media. Mari Smith has a 50% off code in her FB challenge group.

Lumen5 - another video creator

Doodly - Special Facebook price of $67 for a limited time (normally $39/mo)

AirTable, Asana or Trello - Spreadsheets/databases/project planners/team managers, etc. AirTable & Trello have free plans.

Drop Box - Save and/or Transfer files/photos

iHandy Level

Project Piece Rap Sheet - the project sheet in FFB for keeping track of your pieces, available printable or as an Excel file

Pizza Hut - for those days you paint for 12 hours straight!

Getting a Grip - An 18 Second Video

Just in case you'd like to have all of my planner pages...

Got goals? 2019 is time to go for the gold!


1 thought on “Planners, Apps & Opportunities”

  1. Since joining this group, I have been much more goal oriented. This is awesome, however, I have found that my ADD brain has returned. Sometimes, I feel as though I am all over the place! I just downloaded some pages and am hoping they help. As always,
    Thanks Val


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