Transferring Images

Transferring Images

I Have Been Researching Image Transfers - not the ModPodge method of gluing on an image, but the genuine transfer of an image directly to your item, whether it be a piece of furniture or other project.

Some of you have asked how, so here are some helpful links to many different methods in tutorials, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc:

You can hand paint your image on furniture, walls or signs using An Overhead Projector.

DIY Packing Tape Transfers: Transfer to glass (similar to a decal).

Citra Solv works well with fabric projects for a slightly faded, slightly imperfect transfer for an Old-world look.

Use Wax Paper or Freezer Paper and your home printer, or you can print directly onto fabric: Printing on Fabric

Iron On Method: This tutorial shows how to iron on a transfer using transfer paper. A special type of paper is used for better results.

Mod Podge can be used to transfer an image onto wood and fabric or use 1Gel from Heirloom Traditions - this tutorial also teaches how to get your image enlarged at Kinkos. Polycrylic is another choice for transferring images to wood, and most of us already have that on hand!

Using Water Slide Decals: Transfer images onto glass, soap, candles and paper.

Blender Pen Method: A blender pen can be used to transfer onto fabric and wood.

Omni Gel Method: Omni Gel can transfer images onto ceramic and wood.

Gesso on Canvas Technique: Gesso can be used for canvas transfers.

Transfer mediums

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