Using Planoly for Instagram Marketing

If you are planning to add Instagram to your repertoire of marketing efforts, being able to schedule posts will be a great time saver.

I've done a quick video run through of Planoly and how to use it for IG.

Instagram is a very visual type of social media, so that's why many furniture flippers use it. But it will take consistency and the right kinds of posts to be able to draw in potential buyers.

    • Photos of your completed work
    • Quotes about creative, quality, artsy type things
    • Memes that have to do with furniture, valuing handcrafted unique decor, etc.
    • Photos of sneak peeks, closeups, products
    • Pics of you painting etc.
    • Tips

And if you are a retailer of products, there are even more options for posting. Know your avatar and target them. Any effort spent should be with your audience in mind.

As you think of others things that would be good to post on your IG, comment below so we can share ideas. Mass producing posts and then scheduling will help you add another social media to your marketing with little effort.

Don't forget to add a description and hashtags.

Give it a try. You might enjoy it!   ~Val

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