Think and Do the Right Things to Build and Maintain Your Confidence


Confidence Challenge #1

Sometimes we put up boundaries not to keep others out and keep them from hurting or messing with us, but to keep ourselves safely tucked in. This can limit our ability to learn and grow, causing stagnation.

Confidence Challenge #2

Do you feel you deserve a seat at the table? Often we will wait for others to do or say something before we believe we deserve an abundant life or to be taken seriously. Confidence doesn't come from others.

Confidence Challenge #3

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves hard questions. But what if we don't even know which questions to ask? We talk about control and how it affects our confidence quotient

Confidence Challenge #4

Congruence. Are our actions a demonstration of our belief system? It's one thing to believe we are confident, accomplished or putting forth our best self, but are we actually doing it? Congruence builds confidence and others will see it.

Confidence Challenge #5

Our approach to others, whether it be in our personal relationships or in business make a difference in how confident we are in general.

Confidence Challenge #6

We don't really fear change. But there ARE three parts of change that can scare the fire out of even the strongest of persons. Tackle those and you'll be on your way.

Confidence Challenge #7

We build our audience, grow our family and circle of friends by developing and improving our relationships with others. Finding the key to personal growth and successful interactions with others takes time and effort, yes, but is very worth it.

Maintaining successful relationships with others builds confidence.

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