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Chalk Paint is an Easy Choice

Chalk paint is a good choice for beginners to start with. There are many brands to choose from. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is very popular, easy to use, dries quickly, and covers well. This is the paint we used in the tutorial, but feel free to choose any brand or color.

Do You Need to Use Primer?

Some wood requires priming because of tannins. A tannin (or tannic acid) is a yellow or brown chemical that is found in plants. Any bare wood furniture that has a lot of tannins needs priming so the tannins won't bleed through the paint. Examples of woods with high tannins: white and red oak, cherry and walnut. If you think your piece needs priming because of this, choose a primer that is shellac based.

If you are painting an extra shiny surface and are concerned about adhesion after you sand it, STIX bonding primer is a great choice. Be sure to read the can of any primer for drying instructions to avoid any issues while painting your piece.

Important Tips

It's best not to dip your brush right into the can of paint. Pour some paint into a cup or paper plate and paint from that. If you want a smooth paint job, sand between coats. If you like texture, don't bother sanding.

Use a drop cloth and/or paper plate beneath the legs of your piece to keep the floor clean. Nitrile gloves are a good idea as well.

39 Second Fast Motion Fun Video!


  1. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
  2. Nitrile Gloves
  3. Quality Paint Brush
  4. Sanding Sponge
  5. Paper Plates
  6. Stir Stick/Popsicle Stick

Painting Your Piece

  1. Use a popsicle stick or paint stick to stir the paint well.
  2. Pour paint in a paper plate or cup.
  3. Paint your piece.
  4. Let that first coat of paint dry.
  5. Lightly sand if the surface isn't as smooth as you like.
  6. Paint a second coat.

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