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When you are decorating your piece of furniture can turn out differently than you expected.  Even though you follow directions exactly, your piece will look different from Isaac's. It's OK! That's the beauty of art. Even when adults follow tutorials (step-by-step directions), no two pieces turn out the same. It's a good thing, because your piece will have a unique look. Don't stress, just enjoy!

You Choose What Paint to Use

The materials we used are listed to the right of the video, but by all means, use any paint or top coat that you like. He top coated the whole piece with a matte polycrylic before he started decorating, just to protect the paint and make it easier to wipe off any mistakes he might make while decorating the top. This makes it easier to experiment and builds confidence. If you can't mess up, you will be more daring, right?

You Choose What Top Coat to Use

There are many brands and types of top coats. In this lesson, we used a water based polycrylic top coat. We wanted water based so we could clean our brush with soap and water. You can either order the one we used by clicking on the name under the materials list or go to the store and pick one out to use. We used a matte sheen over the entire piece before decorating. Be sure it's dried at least 2 hours before starting your decorating.

3 min 36 sec

Decorating Your Piece

  1. Wipe off any dust.
  2. Top coat your entire piece to protect the paint. (Watch for drips)
  3. Let it dry at least 2 hours and add another layer of top coat (optional).
  4. Wash out your brush with soap and water.
  5. Give the top coat another 2 hours to dry.
  6. Pour just a little bit of paint out into a paper plate.
  7. Wad up wax paper and dab it into the paint.
  8. Decorate the top of your piece by pouncing lightly wherever you want the paint.
  9. Do the same thing again using different colored paint if you would like more colors in your background.

NOTE: Isaac brushed over the topcoat several times, newbies tend to do this, so just expect it. Top coating can be challenging for some.  If the room where you are applying the top coat is very warm and dry, it may start to dry fast. In that case, only apply and don't keep going over it or it may get drag (drag is when it starts to dry and turns streaky from brushing over it too much) This is one reason we used CrystaLac. It's very easy to use and doesn't dry extremely fast. Isaac could have brushed over it many times more and it would have been fine. All top coats are different, so let me know if you need help - just send an email.


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