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Kids are super creative and typically not weighed down by fear of failure when it comes to art. Their artful expression is often limited to drawing or painting on paper or cutting and gluing...again, with paper. This is a different type of art - one which is usually only experienced by adults. Let's change that. Kids are amazingly creative and learn easily and quickly when given the proper instruction.

The teaching videos here are examples of how quickly a kid can develop their ability to create beautiful works of art. Isaac, the star of this show, was filmed doing each step in the furniture redesign process. You will see his progression from start to finish as he learned by doing. Each step was his first attempt - there was no practice sessions prior to filming. He was instructed and then put to task. We did this to be encouraging to those who take this course, to show they too can create beautiful furniture by watching and then jumping in with both feet.

Then entire course is delivered all at once so you may set your own pace. We hope you join us!

"Val's Furniture Painting Course for Kids is a great resource. I like that her Grandson Isaac demonstrates all the instructions on the videos, making them very relatable to kids. Each video is short and easy to understand. This is a great starting point for your young painter." ~ Denise Beatty, Designs by Dee
"The course is fantastic! Isaac demonstrates with clarity just how easy it is to create a beautiful piece of artwork furniture step-by-step. Even as an adult, I was inspired to head to my favorite thrift store, grab a piece, and get started with a couple of new-to-me techniques. I can't wait to go through the course again with one of my kids and see their finished product. With this course, I know it will be fabulous!" ~ Karen King, To Work With My Hands



Step #1 Prepping Your Piece



Step #2 Painting Your Piece



Step #3 Creating a Background



Step #4 Stenciling is Easy



Step #5 Finishing Your Project