DIY Staging Decor

These are the project videos I shared in my 2021 ESCAPE ROOM - DIY Staging Decor. Our bottom line isn't just affected by the prices we charge but also by the money and time we save. It's a huge advantage to have a good stock of staging props.

Not every single product I used is listed, for I used some mixed paints and others products that I couldn't find a link to or couldn't remember where I'd purchased them from. But for the most part, you'll have a complete materials list.

If you were not able to attend this ESCAPE ROOM, you can enjoy the projects because you are a Blueprint member - it's great to be you! BUT, it's too bad you missed out on the prizes I gave away! Be sure to attend our next ESCAPE ROOM - you won't be sorry!

Feel free to ask questions about the techniques or products used or for clarification. Enjoy!


Stenciled Wood Plaque


2 Colors of Paint


E6000 Glue

Stencil - God Shed His Grace on Thee

Polytique It Topcoat

Royal Collection Metallics


Upcycled Drawer


Rustoleum 2x Painter's Touch Spray Paint - White

ASCP Primer Red

Chroma Metallics

Polytique It Topcoat

Royal Collection Metallics

Small Words Stencil

Background Stencil

Wood Feet, Drawer Knob

Cabinet Door Turned Wall Plaque - 2x4 Technique



2-3 Paint Colors

Polytique It Topcoat

Hooks Optional


Vases & Bowls

Saltwash - 4 Sides/4 Designs


Royal Collection Metallics

Southern Blenders


Ultratique Spiced Cider

Polytique It Topcoat


Rags to Riches Pedestal Bowl


Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray Paint

STIX Bonding Primer

E6000 Glue


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