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So you made it here because you are searching...searching for information, your people, your tribe.

Are you tired of spending hours looking for just the right tutorial, tool list or perfect product? Are you ready to stop the hours spent searching for the answer and have the time to actually DIY

Are you ready to become independent of those high paid "professionals" that convince you that you can't do anything yourself and become the artist you know you can be? Are you ready to create works of art confidently, exploring your unique style? Do you want to create the type of products that others wish they could duplicate? Are you looking for your own personal "wow factor"?

Do you wish you could have the skill set to make your vision a reality?

Are you ready to step up from the level from "CRAFTER" to "ARTIST"?

You are amazing. Your are creative. You are ready.


You have come to the right place.

You can stop searching now - you are home.


Furniture Flipping Blueprint - Open Enrollment September 23 - September 28 10AM CST

All to make your life easier and more productive while discovering and challenging your inner artist

Furniture Flipping Blueprint, an online A to Z Furniture Re-design membership site, is for artisans that are ready to take it to the next level and committed to learning their craft. FFB contains a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to redesign or refinish furniture in precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, from where to find a the right kind of piece to how to take it to market. Enrollment is only open a few times a year.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Furniture Flipping Blueprint is a subscription membership site that will save you time, money and frustration.

• Try out new and old techniques with the "how-to" right in front of you 24/7 online and at your finger tips right when you need it.

• Follow tips from experienced flippers to develop your skills and "wow" people while turning out fabulous pieces.

• Never be at a loss for ideas or inspiration. Build your confidence as you practice new techniques and learn about products and tools.

Furniture Flipping Blueprint is an online, 24/7 resource with 15+ modules jam packed with written step-by-step instructions, videos, photos, links, etc. that cover everything from finding your piece to putting it to market. FFB is offered a few times a year, so come join us!

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Creative Kids Furniture Art Course

Are you looking for something for your kids to do this summer?

Kids are super creative and typically not weighed down by fear of failure when it comes to art. Their artful expression is often limited to drawing or painting on paper or cutting and gluing...again, with paper. This is a different type of art - one which is usually only experienced by adults. Let's change that. Kids are amazingly creative and learn easily and quickly when given the proper instruction.

The teaching videos in this course are examples of how quickly a kid can develop their ability to create beautiful works of art. To learn more, click the button below:

Redesigning Ruby

Ready to Learn a Dozen Techniques While Redesigning One Project Piece?

This is the course I developed for the Let's Flip Together challenge I ran in my Furniture Flipping Forum FB group. It has 10+ videos of step-by-steps that will take you start to finish through a project and teach you a dozen techniques. The videos are short and to the point with no fluff.

Choose your piece, choose your colors, and choose which methods you want to use for your project. This video series will advance your redesign skills like none others.

DIY Resources                By Val Frania

DIY Resources                By Val Frania

Other Resources

Turning outdated, destined for the dumpster, pieces of furniture and decor into one-of-a-kind treasures.

It's never too late to start.

We have tons of free tutorials, project ideas, staging and business related examples for you to peruse at your leisure.  See below for more resources:

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Furniture Flipping Forum

Meet Val

Meet Val


40 years as a wife, 30 years as a parent, and 20 years as a teacher cultivated frugality, balance and uncommon determination. Common is boring. More is my status quo - more for my family and more for others - more for you. There is no time to stand still. Quitting is not an option. Helping you find your inner artist so you can change the world around you is my premier piece at a time.


The best education is experience. Viewing life practically with a desire for self-sufficiency encourages learning as the need arises. Being self taught in graphic design, portrait and still photography, writing, website building, special needs teaching and parenting, gives me the edge to support you and your goals. I have gained know-how in home renovation, DIY furniture redesign and refinishing, upcycling, repurposing, gardening, prepping and landscaping. As I learn, I teach. It's who I am.

Project Gallery

Project Gallery


"Val, Thanks so much for the artwork.  Not only was it beautifully done, but it was also very meaningful. I will treasure it."

— Fred

"I love to read your blog and look at what you do.  Can’t wait to see more!"

— Cindy C.

"You're really creative and talented and the best part is that you share it with others."

— Breindy

"Love your ideas, please send me newsletters with more great ideas."

— Shirley


Family Oriented EBooks

Many have asked me about our family. We raised 15 kids, many of whom were special need adopted. These are available to support and encourage you in the downloadable eBooks. Why do it alone when you can learn through others' experiences?

Raising Real Kids EBook

Tips and Tricks from our family of seventeen - our multiracial special needs adopted and homemade family experienced many ups and downs through the years and will share a bit of what we learned.

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Raising Real Kids 2

Raising Real Kids 2 EBook

(Coming Soon)

More Tips and Tricks - we lived a lot of life and experienced many things that the average "normal family" never dreamed of. Take advantage of our experience and find practical solutions to difficult circumstances with real kids. No fake faces here!

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Grief and How to Support a Failing Parent Ebook

(Coming soon)

Walk in my footsteps as I cared for my mom through illness, quadruple bypass, valve replacement, and then saying goodbye after a massive stroke. Learn how I handled her estate and dealt with the emotional toll.

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Raising Real Kids Book Reviews

"When I opened this book I was pleasantly surprised with flashy pictures, colors, and illustrations. Call me juvenile, but the appearance was very appealing and kept me turning the page because I wanted to see more. It is almost like reading a magazine. You don't want to miss something. 

Lastly I have to say how practical it is. I don't feel like your "selling me something". Rather, like I am just hanging out with a real person who isn't trying to be the perfect know it all. The experience of those who have "been there, lived that" can be very valuable when others are entering similar battlefields." 

~Brad Moodie, father of 3

"Her book is packed full of practical and useful information on dealing with mealtime drama, bedtime struggles, and the myriad of ways children can devise to just generally be stinkers!

I love the list-type approach Val has included for dealing with so many issues that can arise in a household. Some of them we've used - others I wish we had. And, even though we don't have any really small children anymore, I still found practical tips for dealing with problems we struggle with even now.

If you have one or 20 children in your life, you NEED to check this out!"  

~ Karen King, mom of 7      

"Raising Real Kids by Val Frania is a practical guide for parents of children of all ages up to teens.

Finicky eaters, nightmares and bed wetting are just three of the numerous dilemmas Val addresses with down to earth suggestions. It is a quick read with delightful graphics.

Grab a cup of coffee and be prepared to be encouraged and entertained with Raising Real Kids."   

~Patty Anne O’Hara is a three-time award winning short story writer. She is a theater director and currently a Green Lake Writer’s Conference contributor.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

- Walt Disney