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So you made it here because you are searching...searching for information, your people, your tribe.

Are you tired of spending hours looking for just the right tutorial, tool list or perfect product? Are you ready to stop the hours spent searching for the answer and have the time to actually DIY

Are you ready to become independent of those high paid "professionals" that convince you that you can't do anything yourself and become the artist you know you can be? Are you ready to create works of art confidently, exploring your unique style? Do you want to create the type of products that others wish they could duplicate? Are you looking for your own personal "wow factor"?

Do you wish you could have the skill set to make your vision a reality?

Are you ready to step up from the level from "CRAFTER" to "ARTIST"?

Meet Val

Meet Val


40 years as a wife, 30 years as a parent, and 20 years as a teacher cultivated frugality, balance and uncommon determination. Common is boring. More is my status quo - more for my family and more for others - more for you. There is no time to stand still. Quitting is not an option. Helping you find your inner artist so you can change the world around you is my premier piece at a time.


The best education is experience. Viewing life practically with a desire for self-sufficiency encourages learning as the need arises. Being self taught in graphic design, portrait and still photography, writing, website building, special needs teaching and parenting, gives me the edge to support you and your goals. I have gained know-how in home renovation, DIY furniture redesign and refinishing, upcycling, repurposing, gardening, prepping and landscaping. As I learn, I teach. It's who I am.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

- Walt Disney