Stop The Scrollers Workshops

It's great to be you! As promised, I'm giving you full access to the workshops from the Stop The Scrollers pop-up group we just ended. It was a great week and if you weren't able to attend, you missed out on some great giveaways and conversation!

BUT, as a member of FFB, I'm sharing with you the workshops as a bonus, well, because you are special! ♥ Enjoy the show. (I will eventually move these over to their respective pages in the modules)

Bonus Workshop

<<< Our very own Lori Chitwood, a member of The Blueprint, created a follow up video too that piggy backed Michele Corwin's, showing us her creative staining techniques over Retique It. Isn't it encouraging to see one of our own become successful and willing to encourage others?


More Videos

To see the business tips videos I posted on the STS group, go to the March 2021 bonus on FFB.