Stop The Scrollers Business Tips +

On the Stop The Scrollers ESCAPE ROOM, I posted several business tips videos to keep the group interested until the workshops started. Some of it won't apply to you since you are already a member of FFB and some of it is specific to the workshop week, but hopefully you'll pick up a tip or encouraging word here and there.

Here they are perchance you didn't get a chance to watch them or would like to watch again:

Where Do You Find Inspiration? + Diplomacy & Safety in Business  (12min. 23sec.)

Have You Found Your Purpose? + Can We Fire Our Customers?  (16min. 21sec.)

Finding You "Why" + Garnering Family Support  (13min. 12sec.)

Finding Your Tribe + Staging Tips (21min. 19sec.)

Dealing with Fear and Pursuing Success (24min. 24sec.)