100 TIPS Video Series

Who likes tips? I do!

This is a one page video series that compliments my 100 Tips PDF that was offered months ago. Some prefer to learn visually, more than just by reading a list. So this one-page videos series will give you the tips by video, an often easier way to consume content.

The 50+ videos are of various lengths (30 sec – 10 min), but truly as succinct as possible – to save you time (who likes long drawn out videos?) and to keep the tips short and to the point.

Also included is the 100 tips PDF for your convenience that you can refer to and/or download. This video series will be available to you for 1 year, so don’t wait to soak it all in. You may renew at the end of the year, but if you implement each suggestion, you’ll not need it any more because each bit of information will become part of what you just naturally do as you redesign your pieces.

Happy tipping!

Val Frania