Welcome to Talk to Me

Talk to Me is a community for women of faith. We started TTM for those over 50, but have now opened it up to any women of faith since it's become apparent that there is a huge need for fellowship online that is not censored by big companies with an agenda. We need one another!

TTM is designed as a safe place where we can connect with others and find a listening ear, feel supported, or just find and enjoy friendships from our own generation without fear of being judged or feeling insignificant.

This is a new community - in the business world, we call it a "beta membership". All that means is that it's new and you have the unique opportunity as founding members to help me build it so it perfectly meets the needs of our members.

This community is NOT on Facebook. The format is similar, but is not a public platform.

The membership cost for members is $10/mo. Once you join and stay a member, your price will never go up. We are in the beginning stages and this is your chance to help me form this new community so it suits our needs & wants.

The goal of the community? To make you feel like you matter.

Check out my video below and get to know me and my vision for our community. The video below is to explain the "why" of our community - I talk about the community being for those over 50, but since we're opening it up to ALL women of faith now, remember while watching that it's not just for those over 50 - no matter what your age or time of life, you are invited to join us!

We do have a special subgroup for those of us in that over 50 category, but all are welcome now that we're off and running! Come give us a try - you can cancel at any time, so there is no risk to try us out.


Val Frania